Did You Know? 🧐 Design new pattern easily with Ribbuild

Welcome to our Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: (dyk) segment where we teach you about Ribblr features and tools you might not know yet!

Did You Know? You can design new pattern easily with Ribbuild :purple_heart:

Ribbuild is the world’s first pattern builder, built by crafters and for crafters.

So what makes Ribbuild so powerful?

If you are a crafter who always wanted to design but don’t quite know how to write a pattern, Ribbuild is your friend. Simply open a Ribblr shop, add a new pattern and just start typing the lines as you design. Ribbuild acts as your notebook. Instead of lots of unidentifiable scribbles with pen on paper (we’ve been there!) simply enter each row/round as you complete it.

And if you are an established designer, you must know the pain of creating a PDF pattern - writing, formatting, doing graphic design, compressing… Basically jumping from one software to another - none of which were built for patterns or designers.

Ribbuild saves you tens of hours with each design you create so you can just focus on what you love doing the most - coming up with more unique designs.

Writing your pattern directly into Ribbuild makes your designing process so much smoother.
You can add photos, videos and even audio notes as you work on your new design.
Made a mistake? No problem. Edit that line or remove it. Repeating row 1 eight times? Just hit the duplicate icon or write 1-8 and we’ll duplicate it for you.
You can also edit multiple lines at once with just a few clicks.

And don’t forget that Ribbuild does a lot of things in the background for you.
It translates your pattern, converts cm to inches (and vice versa), highlights sizes and lets your customers choose their size, applies stitch tutorials and so much more!

You can even export a pattern created on Ribbuild to PDF, if you need a traditional non-interactive pattern version. With that in mind, Ribbuild guarantees the ultimate protection because unlike a PDF that can be shared, edited and redistributed - your Ribblr ePattern created by Ribbuild can only be accessed by those who acquired it.

Want to learn even more about Ribbuild? Check out our help center or dive into the full Ribbuild guidelines.

So… what are your thoughts on Ribbuild? :purple_heart:

  • Ribbuild is my go to - I LOVE IT!
  • I just got into it - it looks great!
  • I’d love to try it and start designing!
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Ribbuild is so amazing, I love the automatic conversation, the accessibility for left hand crafters, and adding any type of media (I recently saw the sound and was surprised!) I have yet to design but as a crafter using Ribbuild to read patterns it’s amazing :smile: great dyk as always :smile:


Thanks! @ArtsAndNaps


I LOVE using Ribbuild! It is so easy to use and convenient!


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Do you use it on a computer, tablet, phone or all?


@Ribblr I use it on my computer and phone :slight_smile:


I LOVEEEEE Rebuild it is super helpful and easy to use I like the fact that you can find a video on how to do a certain stitch! Also, being able to add photos is really helpful!!


Thank you so much! So happy to hear that :purple_heart: