Did You Know? Ribblr has lots of accessibility tools! 💜

Welcome to our Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: (dyk) segment where we teach you about Ribblr features and tools you might not know yet!

Did You Know? Ribblr has lots of accessibility tools! :purple_heart:

Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of Ribblr. That’s why we’ve been proud to offer lots of accessibility tools from as early as our beta phase, and ensure that crafting is an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of ability. In this short post, we’ll dive into the incredible accessibility features that make Ribblr a game-changer for crafters of all backgrounds.
In fact, Ribblr passes Google Lighthouse audit with an average high score of 90.

Screen Reader-Friendly Interface :white_check_mark:
Ribblr is compatible with all major operating system (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android) so you can use Screen Readers to seamlessly use the platform.
And because Ribblr ePattern is a fully digital and interactive format you can also use Screen Readers within any pattern!

High Contrast :black_circle:
Ribblr follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make sure content presented is in high contrast so it’s easy and clear to read and view. This feature is especially useful for those with visual impairments.

Light/Dark Mode :last_quarter_moon:
Dark Mode provides a comfortable viewing option for crafters who prefer low-light settings.By default, we’ll follow the settings you’ve configured on your operating system. You can manually change it using your accessibility menu.

Left Hand Mode :leftwards_hand:
Are you a leftie? Use our left hand mode to watch video tutorials that are designed for you!
Simply use your ‘accessibility’ menu to enable left hand mode.

Reduce Motion :play_or_pause_button:
Reduce Motion ensures a smooth browsing experience for those sensitive to motion effects. By default we use your operating system preferences to not show you any animations. However, you can manually select your preferences using your accessibility menu.

Adjustable Font Sizes ✚
Within any Ribblr ePattern you can adjust your font size to make it bigger or smaller.
We’ll automatically save your preference so you won’t have to manually change it every time.

Video Tutorials with Closed Captions :movie_camera:
Click on any stitch within any Ribblr ePattern to watch a video tutorial!
All video tutorials also include a text caption.

Voice Command Dictation :microphone:
Ribblr offers native support of dictation, this means that as you design your pattern you can simply dictate your instructions.
You can also do that when using the community, stash, journal and other features on Ribblr that utilizes your operating system dictation capabilities.

Smart Sizing :straight_ruler:
Ribblr goes the extra mile with features like Smart Sizing, allowing you to select to view your size only instead of seeing all sizes. This declutters your view and makes any pattern more readable.

To access your accessibility menu please head over to your home page, click the hamburger menu at the top and then choose ‘accessibility’.
Rest assured, whether you’re browsing patterns, materials or chatting away in the community On Ribblr you’ll have a seamless experience that lets you focus on what you love most - crafting!

What is your favorite accessibility tool? :purple_heart:

  • Dark mode
  • Left hand mode
  • Reduce motion
  • Screen reader / high contrast functions
  • Video tutorials with CC
  • Smart Sizing
  • Other (tell us in the comments!)
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Oh wow I wasn’t aware about the font size adjustment! I just learned something new today :laughing: Thank you again for creating another helpful post :smile:


i chose dark mode, but the size adjustment is a close second for me, since I need glasses and sometimes i can’t wear them because they are to much pressure, like on really bad headache days, or sick days like today!


I love them all but I chose other and I don’t even know why. What is this " Voice Command Dictation :microphone: That’s my new favorite. Now to learn how …

No luck finding any info on this. Help me @Ribblr


That’s mostly coming from your phone or computer look for the dictation then as you type enable the dictation within Ribblr. It’ll be supported in Ribbuild too!


Just in case anyone else is curious, on my chromebook laptop, I hit the search key and the letter D. This is pretty cool.


Closed captioning rules!!


I love the stitch tutorials! They’re so helpful for when I’m writing a pattern because I feel like I don’t have to explain the basic stuff as much :+1: