do you tend your pattern garden?

Since I also still make things not just write the patterns, I have committed myself to only using the ribblr e-patterns versions of the items I make and not my old and yellowed journal pages of scribbles. This means that I am constantly finding errors or lines of instructions that could be better worded, and then I have to go to any other pattern that shares the same base and edit it as well. (yes I know I can list a test, but nobody wants to test my knits…except you @CraftsbyNicB …you’re a rockstar!)
So after my husband made fun of me for acting like a hen tending to her nest…I thought I would ask:
Do you guys spend much time going back over your listed patterns to edit and organize them, or is that just me?


i will test out patterns!


Good to know, I have a new batch coming out later this month.


Awww, there will be more knitters here soon, I’m sure.

And updating and editing is a good thing.
Just don’t drive yourself crazy! :two_hearts:


Did y’all reach out to those knitters who answered the call to identify themselves as knitters?
Just checking if you saw it.

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I posted a tester call right after that and nobody responded

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Oh! Gotcha. So sorry about that.

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