does anyone know the brand of this yarn? :)

Hi! I’m curious if anyone knows what brand of yarn this is. I can’t remember and I got it a while ago… it looks like mint tinsel yarn? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Also feel free to let me know if you need me to zoom in with photos to see it better :slight_smile:


the closest i could find to that, (bc i have the same one w/o a label) was the “i love this yarn” in aqua sparkle metallic. im sorry if that didnt help


thank you so much! I’m going to research that yarn and it does sound oddly familiar so maybe that’s it hopefully :slight_smile:

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its from hobby lobby! after looking into it a bit more, it does look really similar!

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yes that’s it!! Thank you so much!!! this really helps cause I was gonna buy more of this yarn
:slight_smile: I deeply appreciate it!

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ofc! I’m glad i could help!!

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