downloading a pattern from here

how do i download a pattern from ribblr to my computer?


Im not sure that you can do that. Is it your pattern or someone elses? Because I believe that you can only have the patterns here on ribblr. But, you can access all the patterns though Ribblr on all devices ! :slight_smile:


Idk sorry :confused:


go on your computer and go on to ribblr I go on ribblr on my tablet and computer. (is that what you mean?)


Patterns purchased on Ribblr are only available to view in the Ribblr app or Ribblr website. If it has a PDF attached to the pattern that is able to be downloaded, just click the row/line/step with the attachment. If you’re referring to your own pattern to download it is possible to turn your pattern into a PDF file


Like everyone else said, I don’t believe that you can actually download a pdf pattern on ribblr, everything is already located inside of ribblr. This feature, however, is amazing for pattern designers so outsiders and non-ribblr don’t just up and steal their work.



There’s no need to download anything - Ribblr ePattern is and eco-friendly, and it’s fully interactive! Simply click ‘Ribblr it’ from any device, and start crafting. Choose your size instead of seeing all sizes, click on stitches to watch video tutorials and click on any line to track your progress. You can then continue right where you left off, giving you the best crafting experience.

Hope that helps! We’re here if you have any questions. :smiling_face:


I only copy mine so I can make changes or corrections to the pattern. This way I can make notes in my journal.


You can also add notes directly on the pattern using the doodle feature:


If you prefer a printable pdf pattern, you can request it from the seller. They are the ONLY ones that have the ability (in their own designs) to have Ribbuild generate a Pdf file. Then s/he can offer it as a link in the pattern itself as an “i” line item. I have requested a pdf file of every pattern I have purchased and every designer was happy to provide one by attaching the file to an email and one ( @drewbieszoo ) actually has the internal link in his pattern(s).

I have never requested a pdf printable file of a free pattern; because, as @Ribblr says " the printable version is not really necessary and I would not expect a designer who is providing a free pattern to take that extra step. But, call me old school, I do prefer “organizing” my patterns for ease in finding, so I actually message a seller BEFORE purchasing to ask if PDF is available. That is generally my final deciding factor when choosing between designers & their patterns. My analogy is this: my mailbox is right outside my door and really easy to access; but I still bring all my mail inside to read & sort for later use."

#suggestion: @Ribblr I would really like a step-by-step written tutorial (s) on how to use Ribbuild to create a printable pdf file of the pattern I enter AND how to include it within the pattern as an option for my customers. I’d be willing to pay for that!!! I did watch b the quick video within tge help files, but it gies much too fast for my old eyes & brain, lol.

Enjoy & peace to all,

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Thanks for your suggestion and we appreciate the feedback!

Here at Ribblr we are eager to improve the experience for crafters, and therefore we have moved away from traditional patterns which require printing, are not portable, and are prone to piracy. Above all, as PDFs are not standardized and are simply image document they cannot provide any interactiveness or personalization tools. That’s why Ribblr ePattern was born.

With Ribblr ePattern you take your entire library with you, anywhere you go. All patterns have the same clean, easily readable format, and are fully interactive so you can track your progress, watch video tutorials, set the pattern to suit your size, change the language, convert measuring unit and all with just one click.

We understand it’s a new approach but we highly recommend giving it a try- we’re pretty sure you won’t want to craft any other way :wink: