Dragonfly bag

Goodmorning everyone, thank you for accepting me. I am a Dutch speaking Grandmother and I have some questions about the dragonfly bag pattern.
My granddaughter loves the crochet bag and she put the pattern and the yarn on her Christmas wishlist.
I have the intention to buy the pattern for her AND the yarn…but I can’t find the kind of Yarn is used for the bag , neither the crochet hook size.
Please can you help me ?


Is that the actual name for the pattern?

Is it this one?


I’ve made quite a few bags (dice bags and purses) and I always use #4 worsed yarn and a 4.00mm hook. The pattern posted above is a 4.00mm hook recommendation, so I’m going to assume it’s a #4 worsed yarn, but you can always message the designer for clarification.

If this is her first time crocheting, I’d recommend getting her a few sizes of hooks (4.00mm, 5.00mm, 6.00mm, etc) and a cheap practice skein of yarn to get the hang of crocheting different stitches, and to learn how to make a basic swatch rectangle (especially if she plans on making wearables).

If she is a crocheter, I’d ask her what her favorite yarn is to work with (size and material like #4 cotton or #5 acrylic) and get that for her and she can adjust her hook size as needed.


Thank you : AlainaRae.
Your answer is very useful for me.
My granddaughter is a beginner…:wink: