Draw me a pattern!

Hey yall!
i have this idea but i need yalls help making a reality… So i have a crochet block as to what my next pattern should be. i was hoping yall could help me out by sending me a drawing of something. anything creative are your favorite character, are anything at all.
once i get all the drawings together i would like to make a poll as to whichever one gets the most likes i write up the pattern to that!
will be a free pattern. and whoever’s drawing wins i would like them to have the final crochet piece.


Kind of unrelated, but i do love to check out all of the drawings and kind of cute things they make on pinterest when i’m feeling like i have no pattern ideas. here’s a link :). Pinterest
it’s basically animal sticker things which are SO CUTE


I did a sketch for you. ^-^ The head’s only seperate because I realized after I drew it that it was angled wrong. Head and body could be done in one piece.


oh that is awesone!


Happy to help! (and also hope I helped. XD)

I aim to see more dinovariety in Ribblr’s stock. ^-^

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