Drawing contest!!!

Okay yall!
we are having a drawing contest. The winner gets not 2 but 3! shoutouts!
1.it has to be a new drawing you cant take a pic of something you already drew

2.your paper must be done by 8pm! cuz thats when i close the topic and announce the winner i will not count any sent after 8.

and 3. have fun! do your own thing! and good luck!

No theme btw! you can submit your own fanart, paintings etc.


Can it be a digital drawing?

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yes it can :smile:


yes it can sorry i meant it to be a reply 2 you. :sweat_smile: :smile:

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can i still draw something??

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yes of course any art is welcome but yall only have 2 hours to finish and dm or send it to this topic :smile:

Here’s my drawing!
Screenshot 2024-04-18 8.06.54 PM
(I CAN NOT draw realistic or anime!)

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it looks good!!!

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we still have 3 minutes in the contest but if no one sends anything your the winner :smiley: :smile:

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