easier way to navigate to draft post

For example,
i want to respond to a post with some screenshots to help the person see what needs to be done.
I start to respond by making a post, but navigating to the Ribblr area is such a pain, then navigate back to community.
Also, the issue of starting a response, save until later, then where is the draft?

So, two issues going on here.



The draft is always saved for you. So if it’s a reply just click the ‘reply’ again in the same post. If it’s a new topic just click ‘new topic’ again. If we’ve missed anything else just let us know!


yes, you missed it. :wink:

when I navigate back to community where is the draft I saved?

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So if you click the ‘reply’ button again, assuming you were in the middle of a reply to a post, it’ll pop-up with the text you already typed in.

You can also find your drafts by visiting your profile, then clicking ‘drafts’. (top right icon, then click the person icon, then drafts)

Hope that clarifies it!


i couldnt find the reply to reply in.

Yet, you provided the solution by going to my profile.

you solved the second issue. Yay!

but what about the first one where toggling between Ribblr and the community?


Sometime, depending on your device, it might be just a pointing-left arrow.