Etsy? Or Ribblr?

Ok so i was wondering is Etsy or Ribblr better to sell patterns? I haven’t tried on Etsy or Ribblr but before i sell patterns I need some people to give me their opinion! So just tell me which one you prefer and if you have any other recommendations!


I like ribblr better because you don’t have to provide pdfs to sell your patterns like you need to on every other site (pdfs are very easy for people to steal or post images of online, it’s not impossible with ribblr’s system but it is harder). I’ve also had a lot more sales on ribblr than I have on etsy.


Etsy charges sellers more fees than Ribblr.

Etsy is probably more well known than Ribblr because Ribblr is fairly new

Just be aware, too much talk about “competing platforms” might break Ribblr’s rules and get this thread archived

One recent thread involving the other R site did


I agree with @LilysHandcrafts but I feel like people outside of the crochet community dont really know about Ribblr, but i might be wrong.


However, If I am paying for my pattern(s), I should be able to have them in my hands and not chance loss if any app discontinues.

I know there are some unethical people out there that might steal, but I believe the highest majority of us crocheters, sewers, crafters, are honest, empathetic and generous, sometimes to a fault. I’d much rather have a pattern stolen than limit other’s preferences, no matter what they are.

God Bless, Always


I understand your perspective. I also am quite wary about purchasing digital items that I cannot guarantee permanent access to, however I feel that since ribblr is also a website the chance of them suddenly discontinuing is unlikely.

What really spooked me is what I’ve already seen on the internet of things like entire pages of high quality patterns posted on websites like pinterest (sometimes with copyright statements still visible on them). There are websites out there which are posting pirated patterns that have been shoddily copy and pasted from the original patterns. These are things that I just came across accidentally. All this is not including what you hear about some people posting stolen patterns on other sites and trying to profit from them. I appreciate that ribblr is offering an alternative option, with the ability to still include a pdf with a pattern if designers feel comfortable to do so.

For the moment, I am very attached to some of my designs and the techniques I used in them, and value that intellectual property above the chance to make more money by selling them as pdfs on other sites. Perhaps over time I may feel differently, but for the moment I appreciate that I can publish patterns and feel slightly less paranoid that I might stumble across images of my own paid patterns on pinterest.

I would like it if ribblr had some kind of offline access option though, I feel like that is a major limiting factor. I don’t know how they could do it, but maybe something that would allow people to print a pattern without the user receiving a generated pdf? I’m not sure but I feel like most of the piracy out there occurs with digital pdfs rather than printed material.


I have recently seen articles discussing some questionable listings on Etsy (I will not say what these listings are as they are quite troubling). Needless to say, I have chosen to not support that company. I believe Ribblr is better for crafters, but I must say that Ravelry is an amazing option as well!


Thank you so much guys for your opinions! I think I’ll go with Ribblr for now :heart: but tysm!!


Etsy you have to pay no matter if you sell something or not. Ribblr you only have to pay a percentage of what you make. So according to me, Ribblr is better.


I think if printing were allowed, I know where I work you can “print to PDF” and it puts it on my desktop.

A good reason NOT to enable printing. Of any kind

Even if you printed it on paper, you could still scan the paper copy to a PDF, same problem


Yeah, my husband who works in IT pointed that out to me after I mentioned it :sweat_smile:

I know its possible to scan but I thought that it’s more trouble than what the average malicious person bothers with. I could be wrong, but I was just trying to think of a compromise between both points. It could be an optional thing that people could tick to allow, maybe.


Unfortunately it is very easy to “print to PDF” or scan to PDF


I prefer Ravelry and Ribblr.


-ko-fi for pdfs (least amt of fees!)
-ribblr for ribblr

i overall prefer pdf patterns because i can customize it to my liking!

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