Etsy scam?

hi everyone! I was sent this photo by someone on Etsy in messages, they have nothing on their account and I was wondering if this is a scam? I think so, but I want to make sure just in case. thank you!


if it was etsy, they would have emailed you, not sent you a dm. this is a scam <3


tysm ^^ there must be a lot of scams on here bc I just got sent another message with the exact same thing…


There’s tons of scams on Etsy I haven’t seen this one personally on mine. However lots of business owners have mentioned this very scam in one of my Facebook groups I’m in.
I know it’s hard to tell but there are subtle ways. Spelling and grammar are huge giveaways and sometimes placing links or asking for personal info. Etsy should already have that. Never click on a link that’s being sent. It’s crazy how many scams are sent.


Yeah, Etsy does not need your email address - they got that when you signed up. Good catch!


So many out there always trying to gain access to any & all accounts. Sometimes I think I hit my delete key, more than the read button. Reputable companies NEVER ask for your information through a LINK. The best way to check, if you are worried is to contact the company(ies) DIRECTLY by going to their site using YOUR OWN app, link, or just typing in their actual website address. Then go into the “Contact us” area.
NEVER, I kindly repeat, NEVER click on a link in ANY message you receive concerning YOUR ACCOUNT, whether that be in chat, messages, text, email, or calling a number in “snail-mail”. ALWAYS use your own trusted avenue of visiting and inquiring about the message.

God Bless,
GG, retired Pc Technician


Scam. You should report this to Etsy


Scam. All of the above, plus, they would use your name, not just “seller”.

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Most scammers address me by my email username. Which is not my first name. Dead giveaway