Eventual Features?

Hello! So far I am LOVING the usability of this platform. Its so easy, and the fact that I don’t have to worry about creating the look of the pattern itself, I can just write it, is sooooooo amazing. One thing I’ve run into for myself though…if I’m doing colorwork charts, it looks like I have to build them outside of Ribblr and then upload them as a photo for the rows it applies to. Is there any possibility that creating a knitting chart/colorwork chart will be an in-house feature? And if I do upload them as a photo and someone downloads the PDF, the charts are TINY, at the end of the pattern. Is there anyway we could maybe tag them in some way that the PDF generator knows to make them larger? Again, LOVING this platform and intend to make a lot of use of it.


I’m interested in this as a suggested feature. Charts need to be as meaningful as possible.
I’m enjoying Ribblr too, the new update is amazing. I copied a whole pattern over in about 5 minutes!


Hi Will! Welcome to the community!! :purple_heart:
It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying Ribblr, thank you so much for the kind words!
It’s a wonderful suggestion, and in-house charts is something we actually already have in the pipeline!
I don’t have a release date yet, but if you’d like to, I can add you as one of the early testers of this feature and let you know when it’s available to try.
Our aim is to create the best crafting experience and we’ve got many exciting features lined up, so please share more suggestions, it’s important for us to build Ribblr with and for our community!
Lir X


Oooooo please consider me for chart testing too.

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No problem! I will let you know when it’s ready to test :slight_smile:

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I absolutely would love to be one of the early testers! I am obsessed with this platform! I mention in in my Finished Objects video this week on my YouTube channel! I can’t wait to get others involved!


I’m thrilled to hear this! The ePattern format is wonderful for line-by-line written instructions, but I’m a chart person at heart. I’m still going back to using my PDF app (which I set up kind of like Knit Companion) for charts.

And - just a little opinion about the presentation of patterns with both charted and written instructions - I’ve only tried one so far, and it wasn’t very clear that there were charts available. Lo and behold, they were at the end of the pattern. I wonder if there’s any way to standardise presentation so it’s clearer which set of instructions we’re working from.

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Hi Yu! Welcom to Ribblr!!
I’m happy to hear you are enjoying Ribblr ePattern!
We are always working to improve our tools and features, and hearing thoughts and suggestions from you is essential for us to create the best crafting experience.
Designers on Ribblr have the freedom to arrange their pattern as they desire, however I think that your suggestion to indicate that a chart is available is really great. I will take that feedback and discuss it with the team.

Our built-in charts will be interactive and accessible within the pattern, and this is currently in development. If you’re interested, we might be able to let you test it out before it’s released.

Lir :purple_heart:

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Would love to be considered for testing of charts. Thank you for your innovations :heart: