Expanding the Bee Family

Just finished my Bachelor’s degree in science so I have tons of free time to expand my bee family!

I’ve been wondering if they’ll be great as a keychain or a car plushie (that you stick to the window)?

Ps: pattern in my bio.


Ooo I love the yarn you used and the colors! What yarn is it? :smile: Also I definitely think they’ll be cute keychains and car plushies!


Congrats on the degree!! The bees are super cute and would be great keychains or car plushies! :]

Congrats on graduating!

I do wanna warn you, I found out recently some states have laws about stuff hanging from your rearview. I don’t think cops enforce it in most states, but it may be illegal to drive with stuff hanging from that.

Aside from that, these are super cute, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying making them! How big are they?

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congratulations on finishing your batchlors degree!! science is a fun topic for me. also make them a car tjingie, it will look cue


Congratulations! Those bees are so cute, I think they’d be great as keychains!