Experience with makes on Ribblr

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering about creating a make to sell on here.

Has anyone sold or bought a finished product on Ribblr?
What was your experience like? Is it an easy process?

How did you choose what to make and how much to sell it for?

Can you only sell to people in your own country or is there an option for international shipping at the buyers expense?

Do you sell what you have already made previously or do you make things specifically for selling? How do you know what sells well?



You can set prices independently for domestic and international shipping, but remember to take into account that various destinations will vary the cost a lot, so it’s always best to take that into account and adjust pricing accordingly so you don’t lose money.

For example, I’m canadian and our postal system is out of control. Shipping to the US: reasonable. Shipping internationally: a bit high but manageable. Shipping within Canada: out of this world expensive loll


Oh thanks, that’s really interesting! I wonder why that is lol
I’ll have to look into it!

We have a large territory with lower population density and also lots of postal regulations, not to mention Canada Post workers are way underpaid and overworked. They have to deal with an ever growing demand with less and less staff and ressources. So they upped their prices drastically. But some other companies offer lower rates. It depends what you have available around. Canada Post is the most common one, but there are the usual fedex, ups and such available as well.

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That makes a lot of sense with what I know of the geography of your country.
I’m in New Zealand and it is much much much smaller but the postal service is still overworked, so I feel for your posties!

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