Experienced with Ribbuild? Come work with us! 🎉

We’re looking for people who want to work with our team and have experience working with Ribbuild in uploading and creating patterns.


  • Have at 1+ years of experience using Ribbuild to create patterns and/or convert PDFs to ePattern, including clothing.
  • Be available to work 10+ hours/week
  • Great communication skills

Open to Ribblrs worldwide. You must be 18+.

To apply please comment below or send us a private message and a team member will get back to you. :purple_heart:


I have availability.
I moved to a new town recently and have not gone back to work yet after having a baby a few months ago, as I would need a work from home job.
I also have ten years of experience working with customers.
However, I have only recently been making my own patterns and learning Ribbuild. Although I love learning and pick up on things quickly, especially when someone can show me how to do something.

I don’t actually meet the requirements, however,
good luck on the search!
I’m sure one of the wonderful creators on here will love the position :smiling_face::purple_heart::sparkles:


Thanks! We might have some more openings soon.

Hope you are enjoying this new town! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I will definitely keep an eye out for any openings in the future :smiling_face:

I am enjoying the new town, there’s tons of old beautiful buildings when we drive through it, and our neighbors are all great. Everyone is super friendly, and they have been so helpful with this being our first house. One of them is even from the same town I moved from, of all things. :grin:


Ribblr, I would give you all of my free time. Once I have the right amount of experience 🩷


aww, im not 18+ :sob: i kid you not i was litterally looking to see if there was a way to work for you yesterday-


Hi there! My name is Kristy and I am interested in working with Ribblr! I have experience using Ribbuild, however I am honestly not sure how long I have been creating patterns here :sweat_smile: I am not sure how to check but I know it is a year or close to. I am told that my patterns are well thought out and I urge you to look at my work. Thank you for your time and consideration :smile_cat:


I would have liked but I’m both minor and never have used Ribbuild yet :sob:


I have been using Ribbuild to create patterns for about a year (I published my first pattern last summer). Since I study full time I could work about 10 hours a week, mostly on the weekends. I have great communications skills and although I am more comfortable working via emails I can also do video calls. As pattern designer I have participated in one video call with your team member not too long ago. I would be very happy to be a part of making the Ribblr even better platform for pattern designers.


This would be a great side gig! Sadly I’m not 18, but this would be great for someone is!


Sadly not old enough and I haven’t been on Ribbuild long enough :disappointed: When I can I’m IMMEDIATELY taking a job from Ribblr :purple_heart:


I sent a DM


unfortunately im not that experienced to this- and yes, im not old enough for smt like this :sob:
wishing everyone else luck!!~
this is a really good opportunity for all the fellow ribblrs out there with this experience!! :purple_heart:


What would this entail? Working independently, or attending meetings etc? Just wondering if it could work around my current job :smiling_face:


i reallly want to but im not 18+ :sob:


it’s times like these i wish i was an adult lol. Apparently that’ll change when I’m older. Goodluck with finding people<333


When you get older you will wish to be young again LOL Not me, I didn’t particularly like being a teenager. Not that impressed by being an adult either

I also work full time and have yet to use Ribbuild


This sounds absolutely fantastic!

I have the availability and experience working in customer service, but sadly I don’t have the experience required with Ribbuild. I’d love to work with y’all if the availability does come up for those with less than a year experience (or I hit a year experience. XD I’ll be using it a lot more here soon. Got patterns I want to put out there!)


Hi there! I have about 1.5 years of experience working with ribbuild and I would love to work for Ribblr!


Hello, I would really love to work with your team. I have the availability, and I need to find a remote job. I love to give the maximum attention to details when I write a pattern. I have been using Ribbuild for 9 months, however I am interested if there are more openings when I reach 1 year.