Exploded yarn stash

LoL, who else has to periodically rearrange their yarn stash, craft area, whole house cause it exploded :interrobang:

Mine usually does that after the Christmas orders craze is over.
That dragged on a little longer this year, though I think I did rearrange it once in between.

This time I got new shelves and I’m rearranging all my magazines and books (not only crafting)
I’ve sorted out 3 boxes so far & started listing them on the FB marketplace.
If nobody wants them, the local used bookstore/coffee shop will gladly take them :smiley:

Anyway, these shelves are pretty amazing, I get to put ten totes on there. I ordered a second one.
We can actually use the front door again!
We never really do, hence me transforming this to my yarn storage.

I also got one for my wip boxes (and ordered a second :joy:)
I can never just work one project :joy:
The second will hold my inventory or even go to markets with me. We shall see.

Still a lot to do, ….
Wo else lives in a giant craft room​:interrobang::joy:


I love the “exploded”
I’m embarrassed to show it, but this is my explosion right now…

This is just in my living room… :woman_facepalming:t3:


Oh trust me, mine is worse.
Hubby is working out of state and I obviously can’t live unsupervised with yarn :joy:
He’s coming home for a week Saturday.
Thankfully he knows me, but I like to have it a tad less scary :joy::joy::joy:


Hahaha I can relate. I do crochet as a personal hobby. I’ve never sold any of my creations but might to give myself some space lol I need some ideas for some creative ways to store my yarn. Always see the cube storage idea which is fine but idk… thanks for sharing yours! I have a rack like that and may end up using that possibly.


:joy: I just reorganized all of my yarn and made a spreadsheet so I know exactly what I have, how much and where it’s located…


Make sure the rack is made for the weight. These supposedly hold 200 pounds per shelf and they did surprise me with how sturdy they are.

It’s not pretty. But my house is dusty and there are dogs, so I keep it secure in the totes.

I wish I could do pretty yarn shelves, but alas, too much dust.

I did score a big bookshelf a while back and some yarn ended up there :smiley:
(Wrapped in plastic though.


Awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I collect unwanted yarn balls, leftovers and scraps from friends and folks in my groups, so that is almost impossible for me.
I usually know pretty much what I have, but my Mainstays and my dock yarns recently got a bit out of hand and I was surprised at the amount that accumulated there :nerd_face::see_no_evil::joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


Bins is what I’m thinking too since I deal with the same issues as you…dogs, cats, and SO much dust. This is the only state I’ve lived where dust has been an issue. I though it was just me but apparently not :joy: my friends and neighbors all say the same.


LoL, I admire super clean houses.
But our AC blows dust, the dogs bring it in and if weather permitting, doors and windows are open.

Sigh. :joy::joy::joy:

I’m wayyyy south Texas, we may just have ended drought year #3 and hopefully get some greenery back.


I LITERALLY JUST re-organized my yarn stash, so you read my mind!! :rofl: mostly it’s just in half a side, but it does have it’s own section on the other side of the room, here are some pics!

Main yarn-and-craft bins, right hand corner I keep my Tunisian crochet hooks, and you can see a tiny bit of the left side as well, that’s where I keep a couple of bags worth of especially-planned-for projects and other WIPs. Some printed out patterns and FOs too!

Ok, so I didn’t get the best lighting here… but you get the gist! They used to be wicker baskets but then I crocheted the Gummy Bear basket with Bernat Baby Blanket Sparkle yarn and took out the bins from the main yarn stash you saw in the last picture. I have plans to make more of them, in fact, most of the yarn for it is in the crocheted basket itself. That has blanket yarn/chenille yarn and a tiny bit of Big Twist Cotton yarn. The bin to the right of the Gummy Bear basket has mostly things like speakers and patterns, and other notions of the like. The bin to the left of the Gummy Bear basket has some finished hats and other objects, and some WIPs and yarn for other planned projects! Also, if you’re wondering about the pattern for the Gummy Bear basket, it’s from Twinkie Chan’s second crochet pattern book: Crochet Abode a la mode .

Anyways, that’s my yarn stash! Sorry for the super long post lol :sweat_smile:


Oh, that’s pretty! Love that crochet basket!

I’ll post some more pics once I’m finished :smiley::two_hearts:


Thank you! It’s one of my favs as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That basket is adorable!! How big are your bins? I need bins for my cube storage but they’re big! 13x13x15 :grimacing:


Thanks so much!!
I actually don’t know, but I’ll go measure them right now lol


I actually didn’t have to take out my measuring tape, they say on the bottom they’re 13x13x13 so a little bit smaller than what you’re looking for. I think we got them at Walmart :blush:


I’m not going to take a photo :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:


I totally relate.
We just moved only three month ago and we nearly managed to finish our toddlers room and half way done is our bedroom which is also our craft and hobby room… and i kinda barely remember that i may or may not have promised my hubby i will not pull out all my wips within a week and clutter them all over the house cause they all do not have a proper place to sleep while not working on it yet… but definetly i forgot to may or may not promised that… so…
Guess what’s nearly everywhere to find in the niftiest spots around every room.
Yeah, all my projects. Some crochet wips in the living room also at least one cross-stitch project and one of the full coverage big ones, i even have a little zipperbag in my kitchen where i just started with some socks as gifts for christmas… so i can do one or two rows between cooking and cleaning and laundry… sighs

And eeeeevery here and there you stumble over a little bag, box or other container with random yarn or other projects… i ‘maybe’ have a little obsession or addiction… that ‘maybe’ needs some organisation too. :sweat_smile:

So i am happy to see that i am not alone with an exploding stash. and thanks to everyone who comes up with cool tips to organize. :smiley:


I’m not taking before pics either :see_no_evil::joy:


BEFORE pics? Ummm, no…… it was total chaos! :sweat_smile::joy::rofl::sob::rofl:


Hehe, glad to be of service :joy:

And yeah, sounds like my place :joy::see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::joy: