Feb '24 Feature Drop - Say hello to Smart Match!

:new: Say hello to Smart Match! :tada:

Community Smart Match

Last month, we introduced Ribblr+, our first premium membership.

Today, we are thrilled to roll out Smart Match - a revolutionary AI-powered tool that we’ve been working on for many months.

So, what is Smart Match? It’s a complex, AI-powered tool on the backend. It analyzes and matches products to patterns based on multiple properties and unique data points. In simple terms, it provides personalized recommendations for the supplies you need for each project - all automatically.

You can click to add all items to your bag, or you can customize each yarn to select a different color. How cool is that? :exploding_head:

As a first stage for Smart Match rollout, it’ll match yarn to Crochet/Knitting/Tunisian patterns.
Starting today, you’ll start seeing a new ‘What you need’ section for many patterns (a few thousand to begin with, increasing daily). This section will include a high accuracy match for materials we have for sale (fulfilled by JOANN). This means that if you’re looking at a Crochet pattern, Smart Match will suggest the best yarn for that specific project, considering factors like texture, weight, and color. This feature will apply to existing patterns and will be displayed inside the ePattern itself, too!

:wrench: Improved Listing Page

With this rollout of Smart Match, we’re also releasing a new and more streamlined version of our pattern listing pages. The redesigned layout focuses on clarity and ease of use, ensuring that you can navigate through patterns and their details more efficiently. This update allows you to review information more easily and find things quicker.

We’re also changing the terminology slightly. For example, ‘Look inside’ is now ‘Preview ePattern’, which makes it easier for new Ribblrs to figure out what it means.

A Quick Note About Upcoming Feature Drops

We’re really excited about what’s coming soon! Among the upcoming features, we’re particularly excited about introducing new testing tools, as well as new Ribblr+ membership tiers!

You’ll also start noticing many improvements in your user experience, with things like navigation, buttons, and other elements being simpler and more streamlined to provide you with the best experience when using Ribblr.

In Case You Missed It… :point_down:

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So… what do you think of Smart Match? :purple_heart:

Have you found it makes your project planning easier? Share your thoughts and experiences with us! We’d love to hear how Smart Match is helping you or how we can improve it further. :two_hearts:


Overall I like the new listing pages! The only thing I dislike is the fact that i can no longer see how many people have a given pattern in their wishlist, especially as a shop owner myself. (Edit: this isnt meant to be hateful, just a change i dont like. overall the new listing pages are great and less cluttered, and i cant wait to see what you guys do next!)


Wow, this is so cool! I agree with @FluffyYarnCreations, it would be cool if you kept the option to see how many people put that pattern on a wishlist. :heart:


I think the new listing pages are super neat and helpful! I do agree with @FluffyYarnCreations I will miss seeing the number of people who have a certain pattern in their wishlist. But the whole Smart Match thing sounds SUPER cool, excited to see how it works!


Thank you for the improved listing pages! Finally, I can read the rest of the information without being prompted to buy the pattern!


Thanks for your feedback! We truly welcome it :raised_hands::pray:


Interesting! Excited to see the Smart Match on action! :smile:


Thank you!


I do really miss seeing the people who has the pattern in their wishlist :heart: . I dont know why but i kinda miss the old listing pages, the photos sometimes zooms in so I cant really see the whole photo. I dont know if im just having that problem, but the Smart Match feature looks super cool! :smile:


I miss seeing the wishlists, overall though I do think the new features sound cool.


Thanks! we passed on the feedback so it might be brought back :slight_smile:


I like how more information is now easily visible on the listing page, but I’m very concerned about what has happened to the photos. Almost all of my photos are in a 1:1 ratio, and the new system has caused them to be badly cropped or excessively zoomed in. It’s to the point where in a lot of my patterns you can’t see the whole item in any of the photos anymore. Would it be possible to return the photo viewing back to the way it used to be, please?


Thank you, many of us designers are always asking for more data to help us succeed! Anything that removes what little insight we have on Ribblr makes it even more difficult to gauge the market.

I do like the streamlined listing page a lot! Before in the app it was often hard for me to see all the details.
The smart match feature is a good idea. I looked at several patterns but none seemed to be in the initial rollout. I hope it will continue into improvements to make it easier for designers to link to materials, I suggested that in the past. Currently I have to go out of Ribblr to the JoAnn’s site to get links. It’s also still hard to choose yarn colors, would much easier if there were links to yarn colorways and about 20 most common preset colors.

Thanks for continuing to improve @Ribblr! I’m excited to see this platform and my shop grow. :sunflower:


Thanks for your feedback!

@LilysHandcrafts we recommend using the free built-in editor in Ribbuild to edit photos accordingly.


Thank you for your reply. The photos were taken in the 1:1 ratio, not edited to it. I would need re-shoot all of my photos to comply with the new ratio (including a few patterns that I have not yet published). Additionally, the built-in editor doesn’t currently edit photos to a set ratio (at least that I could find) so it would be difficult to make all the images exactly the same. Is there definitely no possibility of re-introducing images to be viewed in whatever ratio they were taken?


Please send us a message with a direct link to a pattern so we can take a look.


I just realized what this improvement actually is. :crazy_face: I like it.


so true please add it back @ribblr!!