finally “finished” my first animatic!!! (ft. smokey)

^ he (smokey) really wanted to be the preview photo

“finished” in quotations since it’s not actually done BUT i did finish my first draft!! which has never happened before despite dozens of past attempts! felt like sharing since it feels like a big accomplishment :grin: :bangbang:

it’s a fnaf animatic and is currently unlisted but i’ll revise and try to finish it in the coming weeks. i put a few of my favorite frames, both used and unused, below just bc


That looks really cool!!! your cat is adorable btw-

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OOOOO, It looks SO AWeSOME! smokey is adorbs :pleading_face::pleading_face:

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ke kinda looks offended tho :sob:

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yeah he does that :laughing: in all of the pictures i take of him he either looks really cute or really goofy. thank you!