Fingerless glove pattern in progress

Hello! I’m finally working on a pattern I feel confident about, an extra long square net fingerless glove pattern :slight_smile:

I’m for sure gonna want to have a lot of different people test it as I do not have many examples of people with different arm sizes as me. I’m gonna try to do some calculations to figure out different sizes but would love to have people test the different sizing so I can know if they’re accurate or need to be adjusted <3

It’s very much still a work in progress, but if you’d be interested in testing let me know! I’m hoping to have it done within the next week or two, but life’s been all over so we’ll see when I get to it.

Info so far: I am using a size 4 (medium) acrylic yarn and a 4.5 mm crochet hook-

the first WIP is around 7 inches around the hand, 7.5 inches around the elbow, 8 inches around the upper arm, and 17 inches in length from the wrist to the upper arm.

Also- I’m aware this has probably been done before, I’ve just realized that there aren’t a ton of written patterns or specific patterns for fishnet gloves and wanted to make one that other pattern people can use :slight_smile: I personally struggle to follow non-specific patterns as my brain works very specifically, and I know quite a lot of other people also have that thought process. I think I will make this free so it’s accessible to more people, as that’s what I want to get out of making patterns.