‘Finished’ or ‘Completed’ button

I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a button option on the journal for testing?
Quite often I don’t get a notification to let me know I have a new project to test (a whole other issue) and sometimes when I have completed and tried to use the contact the designer option I get an error page.
If there was a way to automatically send the designer a message that it’s complete.
Hopefully that way the designer will then remove the text project and send the pattern.


Since journals aren’t meant for testing, they probably won’t add one, however designers should message testers to let them know they got in to notify them they have the pattern (it’s one of the steps Ribblr recommendeds for designers to do)

I’m not sure if you’re currently doing a test where you can’t contact the designer but just in case here’s what I would do if this keeps happening where you can’t contact the designer (it’s happened to me too) or if they don’t send you a message or for whatever reason their message didn’t work. I would go to the designers page myself and click message and that will usually work

If not I private message them and if that still doesn’t work I would try and go back to the tester call if it’s still open and say you finished but for some reason you can’t contact them (however be careful not to leave your final thoughts/confusion/notes in the comment section for all to see) :smile: