First blanket

So christmas is coming up, and i want to make a gift for my mother. I have a little cristmas tree pillow pattern picked out, and would like to make a blanket with it, and i mean it doesn’t have to match the pillow but i am going for like light rustic colors, so no bright reds and green. I was just wondering what anyone thought the best type of like stitch and type of blanket i should make. Being my first one, i’m not sure. I don’t think i want to do a plain color, so if there could somehow be a christmas tree or something christmasy involved, that would
help! I was looking at the c2c method, but it seems complicated and the color changing to grid a christmas tree seems a little too much for my first time. And again, it doesn’t HAVE to be tree themed but it would be preferred for that. thanks!


I would suggest maybe christmas granny squares!! There are a lot of different ones. Christmas lights, trees, ornaments. You can basically make any granny square color and put different appliques on each one :slight_smile: Theyre quick and easy​:green_heart: Also hayhaycrochet has a christmas tree granny square vest on her website! You could use just the Christmas tree part and keep adding color rounds like a huge granny square! I used her pattern to make me a vest but you dont have to do the “vest part” as its just two grannys sewed together haha


Another idea might be an applique!

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I’m working on one right now, I’m making a granny square with the granny spike stitch and just not ending and just keep going and using a thick yarn it’s working up fast! I definitely would consider that as one way. It makes it more of a square so if you’re done with the width and want more of a rectangle blanket I would continue one side :smile::ok_hand:

Learning c2c with a mama gift would be awesome! I like the idea of smaller squares hooked together. Here’s one option. You could do multiple trees, instead of all the others or … lots of options. Crochet Christmas Character Afghan - Repeat Crafter Me

Or this would be cool in your colors. Crochet C2C Pickup Truck Tree Pillow - Repeat Crafter Me