First pattern published

Excited to announce I have published my first pattern here on Ribblr.
“Angel Dish Scrubby!” :angel:
I added photos, videos and much wisdom from my testers.
Here’s the link.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Excited to see your journals.
Shoutout to Xuxublin, cosmichooks, and Heathershemmings for testing. Thankful for you. :clap:


Congrats @HookedOnCotton !

I did see in the listing that it says video is available - that’s cool. Great work to you and @Xuxublin, @isabelbyrose and @Heathershemmings :clap:


I didn’t see that. Nice. It was a first for me so it was a learning experience. ha. Room for growth, for sure. Shoutout to my daughter for gifting me the selfie stick with a tripod. Yay

I just went back and looked. Now I see where it shows there is video. Good to know.