First sweater :)

Hey everyone! I’m knitting my first sweater. I am afraid it will be too big or small. It’s a top down cardigan. It looks really good so far! Does any one have tips for washing superwash wool and making sure the wool doesn’t lose the tension in it? I have gotten as far as the main body part and will likely be doing the body/hip shaping tomorrow. I do not think the yarn requirements were quite right and I’m concerned my gauge is off!

I know wool needs to be blocked (soaked in tepid water and then laid flat to dry etc) but could you steam block the sweater? I’m not a small person and it’s a 5x sweater/cardigan. I’m worried about shaping etc!


I dont knit , I crochet! But im a plus size too and I thought my cardigan would stretch out when washed but it didnt! I made mine a size smaller then I thought id need and it fit. Dont second guess yourself! No matter what size you make will fit you perfectly :heartbeat: I didnt block mine at first, but I did after wearing it. I just hand washed and layed it on a towel, rolled it up to ring water out and left it laying out to dry. You dont necessarily have to “steam” or "block " on a board for your project to be blocked. Just doing the water, lay out and dry method is “blocking” ! I hope I make sense, I might just be rambling haha But I hope your sweater turns out the way you like! Would love to see when youre done :))


I would say wash it with shampoo by hand.

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