First tester call, kinda nervous?

EDIT: Thank you all for the kind words and advice. I really appreciate it and will apply it to my next pattern. 🩵 Btw… Santa ball is now released! :partying_face: I have him on sale in celebration of the pattern being released.

I dont know if anyone can relate but I just posted my first tester call (photo is pattern) and have caught myself refreshing the page over and over again to see if anyone has applied.

Is this normal? How do you stop yourself from checking obsessively?


Ahhh he’s adorable, congrats on completing your first pattern! I’d love to test this for you :santa::heartbeat:


I haven’t posted a tester call before but that seems like something I would do lol :rofl: As for stopping yourself I guess distracting yourself with something else to do would work, perhaps double checking your pattern before you assign the testers, writing up a new pattern, crocheting something, watching t.v, playing games, etc just to focus on that could help that’s usually what I do

Congrats on your first tester call! :smile:


I would love to test but I don’t think I have enough time in my calendar in order to finish. I am so sorry. I love it!


Thank you x Make sure you apply so I can send it over :slight_smile:


Ah, good idea. I think sometimes I’m just too attached to my phone lol.


I did the same thing on my first tester call. The crochet patterns we make are a representation of our art and putting out a call can feel like the deciding point on wether it’s good or not but trust me when I say it really doesn’t matter. The Ribblr testing zone is actually a really small group and there are many factors that can make tester calls not get any response but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.

What helps me is whenever I feel the urge to check the numbers I just ask myself “well do I like it?” and if the answer is yes then that’s all that matters because you were the one who created it

If I had fluffy yarn in those colors I would tolotally apply! Goodluck!


I have litterally done that for every post of mine on any platform ever :laughing:
Also, congrats!


I just posted my first one and did the same thing!! It’s nerve wracking and exciting all at once. Your Santa is SO stinking cute and I almost applied but I have too many tests and Christmas gifts already going. I bet you will have lots of interest because he is adorable! :heart:


I do that even if I just finish testing hahah, I love that pattern, it pretty cool :grin:


It’s so adorable


Maybe, the next time you check to see if anyone applied, you might edit your tester call to include:

  1. Tester Call Closing Date;
  2. Date completed test project is due;
  3. Yarn(s) you used: weight, color(s);
  4. Yarn(s) you require for tester to use;
  5. Hook(s) you used: size(s), type(s);
  6. Hook(s) size or gauge you require;
  7. Journal expectation(s): corrections, hints, difficult areas, pictures, etc?
  8. Other expectations and/or requirements.

Having notice of these things makes it much easier to determine if someone is available to test your project. Your little Santa is absolutely adorable, great job!!
I look forward to it’s release & tester results. Good Luck & God Bless,
GG Castillo

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It’s adorable!

That’s such good advice! Because at the end of the day, I love my Santa ball so it shouldn’t matter if other people do too :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll consider these next time I post a tester call! :smiling_face: