Flipping clothes

I have always wanted to sew to make clothing i buy fit and use stuff i kinda like to make my own clothes i love after. Im just starting now FINALLY after saying screw it and getting a machine on my 37 bday.
Any good apps/ tips?

I especially am trying to use tshirts but not just a simple crop and done. I want to learn to do the neckline lower etc


I cant help much, as for I dont sew and dont like sewing :sweat_smile: I do wish you luck though!


Omgggg me too same! I do know how to do a "V neck line & the key hole neckline (where you have the neck with a V hole above chest) " But you dont need a sewing machine to do that.

Youtube is going to be the best place to learn i think! There are many great videos there that ive saved on how to gurn tshirts/garments into a different style& size top! Im stillvery new to sewing . I just got my first sewing machine a couple months ago and im wanting to learn how to do clothes more too. I want to take one of my grandmothers dresses that are smaller & i want to make a top from it because im bigger than her dress haha. But idk how to do it :pleading_face:. So i wanna learn how to do it tooo

I wish you luck on making anything!! Id love to see what ever you do :slight_smile:


I have old t-shirts from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I want to cut them and crochet wideners into the cuts. Like lace. Never figured how to do that with sewing. I guess I could turn 2 into one???


Where do you want to add the lace? Do you want to cut the sides of the shirt around the hip area ?


probably would be best. but maybe several, like pleats??? Slit down from the front or back neck would work also. I just want more drape, than tight fitting.


Okay ive never seen someone do this with crochet. But i love the idea of it! So im going to come with something and if it works ill share it with you


A quick search gave me this picture. Could be fun. Once again, sewing into it might work also.

I was thinking more like 1, but 2 looks like doilies. :wink:


I used to sew a bit, but the most that I sew right now are just patching things up rather than up-cycling clothes etc, but I’ll give it a go;
I’m sure there are some youtube videos that can help you there–it’s kind of hard to explain in text ^^’ When it comes to sewing, you will want to find out what tension and what stitch to use based on both the fabric and how you want your clothes to move/stretch/look afterwards. A very simple thing to do is to draw out the neckline you want with chalk, then add 1/2-1 inch for the hem, cut the hemline, fold it where you drew your neckline, pin it and sew it. That’s kind of the “basics”, but that’s also why I recommend watching some tutorials, because different fabrics behave differently. Also, I always try sewing on some scrap fabric of the same type to see how the stitches/thread behaves before I sew on the actual piece, no matter if it’s for patching or up-cycling/making clothes from scratch.

I hope this helped a little ^^’

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