FLO & BLO mix up?

Hi, so ive seen some patterns on here that do not reflect what ive learned online. No hate to designers yall are doing amazing! What i uave seen is FLO is somewhere that BLO is needed as i know it the part of the stitch that is closest to you as you crochet is the front loop (see photo for visual) am i wrong or is something else going on?


i think its the one thats closest to you, right :skull:


The front loop is the one closest to you and the back loop is the farthest from you. Took me forever to stop getting them mixed up​:skull:


Front loop is loop closest to you/facing you.

If you are testing the pattern, the designer may have accidentally flipped them.

If it’s a normal pattern, it’s probably a typo.


It’ll also depend on how your crocheting, if your working right side in or vice versa but the designer is working the other way that can mess it up. So just to clarify, if you happen to be working right side in but the designer worked right side out, it could change the loop that should be shown (if that’s what’s supposed to happen). I hope that made sense​:sweat_smile: