Hi my suggestion is at the moment with the organization it doesn’t actually give you a board as such it just kind of creates a new hashtag.
I was thinking the boards be more like folders where the patterns disappear from the main section and go into their respective folder and you can easily add new patterns to boards to avoid clutter. Basically rather than hashtags I was thinking the boards are more like pinterest boards for our patterns :relieved:

edit to add : as soon as we get a new pattern also give a little pop-up to add to a pre existing board/folder


i like that idea


Hi! just to clarify - this is pretty much how it works! By default you see all, but as you click on a board (shown as tag) you only see that board. You can edit it to add or remove patterns.

Let us know if we missed anything!


when i add things to my pre-existing boards i have to reselect EVERYTHING that was already in that board otherwise the board just becomes that one thing i added ,not sure if this is a glitch but if it isn’t then its extremely annoying. again i thought it would be more like pinterest where you dont have a #all but rather a library page with all your boards and uncategorized patterns there to them click on different boards to see different patterns to reduce clutter. also to give a pop-up to add a new pattern to a pre-existing board

Thanks for sharing!

A few follow up questions:

  1. You are saying that when editing an existing board you cannot just add a pattern but have to create a new board? That sounds like a bug! can you share more privately including a video?

  2. You are saying you prefer NOT to have #all - is that right?

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I would like that too! I would like to have folders, one for tops, skirts, sweaters, headbands and beanies etc. Then i would like to have a step undertneath where you can sort in folders of collections., for maybe season collections, or maybe flower collection :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. ive sent a message
  2. yes
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i love that idea :relieved:

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