For the love of Mesh!

Goooood morning everyone (it’s 3 am and here I am hahaha)
For todays crochet topic, I’d like to spark everyone’s creativity on one of my favorite styles of crochet.
The magical, all versatile, Mesh.
All the different stitch combinations, skips and fun you can create with this versatile piece. What are some of your favorite stitch combinations for mesh? Is it a large mesh, small, even a simple, loose tension single crocheted mesh? How many chains do you skip for your favorite mesh spaces? Mine seems to be between 3 to 6. I love a large, chunky, acrylic yarn mesh on almost any wearable. I’m also thinking of making a fruit hammock for my kitchen soon, it will probably blend in with the rest of my fishnet looking mesh addiction that is fastly accumulating. lol My first wearable that I finished the other day and plan on posting pretty pictures of soon, is a cropped mesh pride cardigan experiment that I adore how it came out.

Anyway, whats your favorite mesh pattern or piece? Give me all the details. Lets share!