For those who have a small business crocheting

For those of you who have a small business crocheting I am on the hunt for cheap boxes but still good quality that I can use for shipping my plushies and bouquets that are a good price that I can get a good size bundle of boxes. I have had suggestions of different companies that will give me boxes but those are like companies that will charge you a certain amount per box if I can get up to like 15 boxes of different sizes that come together in like a bundle that would be really nice and I don’t mind paying a big amount because I’m getting boxes and I’m not having to individually pay for them so for those of you who have a small crochet business do you think you can help me find shipping boxes that will come in bundles?


Here are some good ones on Amazon! :smiley:

Eupako 6x4x3 Shipping Boxes Small Corrugated Cardboard Box - 25 Pack Brown Mailing Boxes for Packaging Small Business, Mailer Box

AVIDITI Moving Boxes Medium 12"L x 10"W x 8"H, 25-Pack | Corrugated Cardboard Box for Packing, Shipping and Storage 12108

Calenzana 10x7x5 Inches Shipping Boxes Set of 25, White Corrugated Cardboard Box for Mailing Small Business Packing Gifts


If you live in America, I think USPS will actually deliver boxes to you for free (I’m not 100% sure, I just heard about it a while back, might be worth looking into?)

Im not sure, but ill look into it!!

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I like the website they sell boxes, polymailers, bubblemailers, etc. And they have some really cute designs in all different sizes :smile: