Free House Decoration Patterns?

So I recently got a lot of new furniture for myself and I was wondering if anyone had any patterns for like rooms and offices. I added a list of patterns that would help if people could look for links to them.
A small plant for a desk
Leaves for my room decor

(something like that)
Little baskets that could fit in my drawers (to put safety eyes, stitch markers, rubber bands, etc)
Baskets that I could put pens and that stuff in
Cute coasters for my water
Heart garland pattern
Fall decor
Flower vines
I’m looking for all of these in crochet patterns that are free, thank you for your help!


Here are some plant patterns

A heart garland patter

And here are some basket patterns​:grin:
I hope these are helpful!


try this video!! super cute nature ideas :heartpulse::tulip::four_leaf_clover:


I have a plant pattern in my shop (it’s free) You can skip the eyes then you will have just a plant

And i also have a hanging vine seat for amigurumi but if you skip the seat part you have a vine (also free)

FREE Crochet hanging vine seat: Crochet pattern | Ribblr?


I think these coasters are cute

And I think if you make a bunch of chains and then sew these on it could look like a leaf :maple_leaf: garland


I think this is cute, its a little plant made of coasters