Free printables & Patterns when you sign up

I sign up to this free website, Printable Resources - Winding Road Crochet, and got a whole lot of printables. I downloaded them all. Printed up these stitch marker tags. Been wanting to buy the nice ones they sell but they cost a lot. These are much cheaper with the option to add your own personal choices. I like the stitch counters and the hook markers. I am forever putting away WIPs and forget what hook I was using. And who doesn’t lose count counting stitches? I printed them on cardstock, printed and used packing tape (don’t have a laminator). Cut them out and put them on bulb-shaped safety pins. Viola! My set of stitch markers. There are printable for Yarn Stash Trackers, Yarn Bobbins, Gift Tags, Binder covers, and more… All things to organizing your obsession :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. There are really cute Gnome patterns - for just about every holiday and occasion :blush:


Perfect. I was thinking about crocheting tiny numbers. :wink:


I have a laminator…I like to feel fancy and show off laminated stuff because everyone always thinks a laminator is expensive and fancy. I think they run about $25 and I have yet to run out of the first box of sleeves I got 4 years ago, for $5.00


so, I make a lot of stuff for our rpg games (some that use the afore mentioned lamination) but this made me think of something else that makes those tiny labels easier to see. I use clear epoxy art resin and dome molds to make little magnifying half-bubbles and put images on the flat side. When they lay on a table, whatever is on the flat side is magnified and can be seen easily at an angle. if you did the same thing with tiny half domes the same size as yout little tags, it would make them easier to see and last longer.


I appreciate this share a bunch :purple_heart:


Perfect, thank you!


I made my own stitch markers too with lever backs ( from jewelry section) and various “charms”.
What they charge for stitch markers!!