Free servers

I just joined ribblr yesterday and I got a few free designs, it says it needs a day yes for the free patterns but I’ve given it a day and now it’s bumming me out, what do I do?


Hi! you have to wait a full 24 hours before you can download again :slight_smile:


Welcome to Ribblr!

There’s no limit to browsing or adding patterns you are interested in to your wishlist. But as a fair use there’s a limit to the amount of free patterns you can get each 24 hours.
The vast majority of people won’t complete 5 projects in 24 hours so if you see something you like we recommend adding it to your wishlist!


I like it but think it’s annoying at the same time because it’s like a hey you have 5 other projects right now but on the other hand if you’re someone like me you’d want more than that​:relaxed::yum: