From written to charts.

I wonder if you have a kind of “translate” for pattern written to charts.
I almost always can’t follow a pattern written and I bought a pattern that I can’t use because of that. I wrote to the designer but nothing…. Would love to this feature!!! Maybe I’m asking too much or you already have it and I don’t know it yet.
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There currently isn’t a feature like that on Ribblr. It’s rather complicated to automate this, although it is something being considered :slight_smile:
You can see before you get a pattern if there’s an interactive chart included.

If you need specific help contacting a designer please message the team @Ribblr :blush:


I have seen programs that will convert written knitting instructions to charts. Unfortunately my problem is the reverse (so I can’t remember the names of the programs) I can read and do lengthy written out patterns, but not charts :joy:, and I haven’t seen any programs that will translate from charts to written out.


There is an app that can be downloaded that helps t translate written directions to charts. I can’t remember the name of it. My problem is also the opposite. I need charts translated to written patterns.


That’s the problem! Almost never you know if the pattern has written charter or not….


I wish the app would translate from charts to written as well. I have a visual disability that is about how my eyes track things, which makes charts very hard to follow, even counting rows I will loose my place unless I put my finger on the rows as I go, it’s probably akin to dyslexia. Reading isn’t a problem, tho I have been known to skip a whole row of a sentence while reading :joy:. I’ve had to pass up buying beautiful patterns because they were only charted.


It’s definitely being considered as a feature for the future although we always encourage designers to provide both.

We indicate on all patterns if there is an interactive chart included and we encourage designers to write if the pattern is mainly worked with charts, even though the vast majority aren’t. :purple_heart: