Fun accessory ideas ?

My 2 friends and i are going to see barbie in a couple days and id like to crochet something pink for us to wear to it
But i dont have much time so ive been trying to think of something smallish
I was thinking like scrunchies or something but i dont think my friend niall would wear one haha
Any ideas ?


My first thought was a headband! It’d be pretty quick and fitting! If your friend isn’t into hair accessories, what about a small scarf like an ascot or a wristband?


bandanas! There are so many tutorials and they’re so cute to put in your hair! and i’m pretty sure she wears one in the movie!

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A pink bow on a hair clip? Maybe a pink bracelet or necklace or even a pink heart key chain, etc good luck and I hope you enjoy the movie! :smile:

There’s this video. Maybe you’ll find something?

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