Furls Odyssey Hook Update


Just so it’s out there, there is a company called Omni that makes nearly identical hooks with the exception that they are pointier. I have seen many videos on these now and some folks prefer them. And they are half the price. So if either of those things make a difference for you, now you know.


I don’t like my Odyssey set because of the tip. So, I rarely use them. Everything else about it is fabulous.
I’ll have to look at the tip of the Omni.

I don’t see stores restocking Susan Bates since they been taken over by Yarnspirations, and that is what I use, hand pain or not. Rather the hand pain then screaming at my crochet because it keeps slipping off the hook.


amazon carries them, they are about $12
and they are made in small batches, so if there is a particular color you want, you may want to keep an eye on it to get it when it comes available. But they are supposed to be extremely similar to the furls


Nah, they are made of resin and not metal.


I have seen metal ones… maybe they are just out of them for now


You just have to really look. They come in resin, wood, and metal with wood or resin handle. But they don’t always have all of them at any one time. It was recommended that if there is one type you live, keep checking and pounce when you see it.
Ommi Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Wood Base Metal Crochet Hook Handcrafted I-201221 Resin Crochet Hook https://a.co/d/cwC6Qdd

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Oof, I have a hard time with the new Odyssey tips… They have been around a little while now and they don’t really work as well as it says, plus they look weird. I’ve decided to get rid of my larger Odyssey sizes and only keep smaller ones for now, as they are the only hooks I’m able to handle well at a small size. But not buying any more loll.


if you can use the hard handles and just need a shape that suits your grip better (versus needing a soft grip) you can always try to make your own out of polymer clay.(harder) or use a current one that works well and make a mold so you can create it out of resin .(easier) That would allow you to put the handle you like on any hook you like and will be much cheaper than constantly trying out new ones. You can even dip the resin handles in that tool handle dip stuff to make them softer and easier to hold onto, while maintaining the same ergonomic shapes.


Good to know

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to clarify, they tend to run out quickly and you really have to look hard for the ones you want because they are not listed in amazon the same way as most branded products (new feature and service they have for sellers)


I tried the polymer clay, and while a couple turned out well for the size I wanted in my hand I didn’t like how “hard” it felt.

The hooks that I see as Omni Amazon look more like the Alpha hooks by Furls


Alpha by Furls

The metal ones of Omni doesn’t look anything like Furls Odyssey

Furls Odyssey

Omni Metal

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That is what they have right now, I have seen them in all the styles.

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Divit Shilp also has similar to oni and furious, but I have never seen them in metal, only wood and resin

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