Galleries and journals

I would love it if in addition to our journals and makes, we had galleries.
When I click on a person’s “makes” I only see the most recent make for any one item. If I open a pattern to see examples of that pattern, again, I only see the most recent entry for each item. In both cases, the most recent picture may be in progress and not even a finished item. And if they have multiple makes and I really liked one of them, it has now been buried somewhere in the journal and other people may not ever see it.
I would love to have a gallery for each user and pattern that shows only finished items made from patterns available here.
I would love to be able to click on a pattern (especially my own) and see a gallery of all finished items at the bottom of that pattern instead of journals.
I think the journals should all be for the user and designer only due to the unfinished and sometimes negative perceptions they create. While the designer can find these helpful, the general public does not need a step by step tutorial on how my design is put together or every problem encountered during testing. Yes, you can repeat that those aren’t supposed to be there, but the fact that it keeps getting repeated means it is getting put there. Public galleries and non public journals would solve that problem.


Although I do agree with most, I don’t agree with the process being completely private… I like to look at journals and see if the maker had issues (outside of testing)… Especially since there isn’t any governing on which patterns are published, I don’t want to buy a pattern that the pattern picture looks amazing, but every journal lists problemsand can’t complete it… Since there are patterns that don’t have journals yet, I wouldn’t want to write it off as bad just on that criteria…
A gallery of the patterns’ makes and a gallery of each user’s makes would be awesome!


I have had it happen to me, and have seen it over and over that a journal gives out too much info or never finished.
A gallery and the yes/no questions (maybe more than what is there even) is a much better indication to the buying public. Journals should be seen by the designer, because they are useful…but a huge majority of the journals I read are not what I would want my potential buyers to see.


Although I have seen a little too much shared at times, I still disagree that a finished gallery is enough… I hate seaming, so if all I see is finished clothing but not that it was 3 pieces and the pattern doesn’t state seamed, then I would buy a pattern that I hate doing…


I personally love journals, but I think a gallery would be a great addition!!


I like the journals, sort of. I hate it when there is too much info in them… I hate seeing that for another designer to see their whole pattern spelled out step by step in the journal or to have a lot of info that amounts to “I do not have the experience to complete the steps as written so I’m going to lash out and say that the pattern is wrong and just make something up they way I want to be” I finally had to give up reading journals, they were not very helpful after a point.


I agree with some kind of private testing. I’ve taken to encouraging people to only posting the completed piece in a journal. I’ve had the entire pattern posted into a journal before.

Likewise, I’ve got journals that are incomplete as I was testing when I first got pregnant and had morning sickness real bad. For awhile I just jumped in and updated the tests via msg to finish the journal later. But after the test they never gave the pattern so now I just have a stuck journal I can do nothing about. I asked about it awhile ago and was just told to msg the pattern maker who seems to no longer visit Ribblr. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’d even accept a way to just delete it.

Loosely related - I saw someone had done journals for their own items, is that how we sell makes of our own stuff?


I love the idea of galleries but it would be nice to be able to show items that don’t yet have a pattern,I’ve a long backlog of items that I could showcase and those that got the most interest I could bump to the top of the write up list.


yes, a journal of your own pattern is how you get the make to sell


I have a couple unfinished testing journals I can’t edit or delete as well. Either due to sickness or Florida hurricane weather. Would love an option to at least delete them so that it doesn’t look bad on the designer :smiling_face_with_tear:


@anon5108995 thank you :heart:

@Miraamarth I have the pieces finished, it I could edit it I’d upload the completed photo for them. But I’d settle for deleting it, I hate I have a half finished piece sitting there.


a separate private journal would be GREAT for me. I find it easier to leave testing notes in my journals but I don’t like leaving them public. I try to go in after its published and private any journals with notes besides “look cute so far!” or whatever (like specific counts etc) but I may see the publication late since we aren’t notified a pattern in our library was made public or I simply forget to go back and private those notes :sweat_smile: especially since if we are having troubles with a public pattern and the designer wont answer we could still choose to make those issues known publically regardless.


The ability to have a journal thats inherently private with only the designer seeing it would be really nice.


I’m with you on this. I have a make I was testing. I could not get my head round the pattern but I believe it was me.
I wish I could delete it


I’ve never gone into the journals when buying a pattern, I don’t even know if I know how. I just buy. Part of me says yes, have a private and then a gallery. But then part of me says, I kinda want to read (when I find it) the journal in case something’s up. What if all I am seeing is pics and I need to know other lil side info?

I think maybe we just need lessons on how to use the journal right and not posting whole patterns, cause honestly till the other day when I found out I was using it to test, thinking that if a pattern hadn’t released that only I and the pattern maker could see it. And even though I private it after testing, I still feel like a dirt bag for not knowing :sob: but again, I’ve been around humans enough to know that “don’t step in the flowerbeds” sign never gets read and the flowers always trampled :rofl::sob: people can never follow directions :rofl::sob::sob:


Hi! Thanks everyone for contributing to this discussion and sharing your suggestions.
We have logged this feedback and it’ll be reviewed when we release new make/journal features.

To clarify - journals are used for two purposes:

  1. To document your project creation and
  2. to sell your finished make

Testing feedback should always be provided privately and directly to the designer.
Designers should clarify that to testers as they ask them to create journals.


To see public journals of a pattern scroll to the bottom of its page and youll see “makes using this pattern!” If you click one of the images you can see all their journals and notes :3

If a pattern isnt released if its set as public only you and the desigenr can see but once its released everyone can see unless you set it private (desigenr cant see if its set to private). The problem with patterns being in journals is that some people will write super detailed notes on everything they did and type out every stitch not just general thoughts, especially when testing. So its a manual thing people just arent careful about.

we have established, earlier in this thread, that this is not so. Everyone can see a public journal even if the pattern is not yet published

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how? like if you go to the persons profile then makes?? You can see my journals for the Yuegi I tested? dang… oop Ive been mislead. The rest of what I said was still accurate though lol

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