Gauge & Swatches

Never done Swatches Hi all ive been crocheting since I was 6 , I’ve shared some of my story. **Gauge and Swatches: I do not understand it , tryed watching lots of videos etc and as I’ve *never done it im trying my best. Im trying my best to do a swatch for my testing patterns. Last year I done a couple of small Swatches ( or I call them test pieces (to see wat the yarn was like knitted or crocheted up but thats all. Advice; help; information, ; tip and tricks would be great. Im 56 now but wow I’m learning techniques I’ve never done now.
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So the way I do a gauge swatch is determine the stitch pattern and number of stitches needed, then I cast on/chain 10 extra stitches… Then I work in the stitch pattern indicated for 10 rows more than gauge

Pattern says: 20sts x 30 rows in moss stitch = 4" (10cm)
I’ll cast on 30 sts and work for 40 rows

Then I measure 20 sts in the middle and see if it matches the 4"; then measure 30 rows in the middle and see if it matches the 4"

Doing it in the middle ensures a better accuracy as your cast on, bind off, and edge stitches usually don’t match gauge perfectly…

Hope this helps


Yes, this. Totally agree.