Gauge tips and tricks

Several have mentioned wanting to try making wearable items
I thought it would be helpful to share some things that will help make that transition
So first is all about gauge
Here’s a great article that talks about the importance, a good way of doing a swatch to maximize your success, and how to use it to determine your next steps

One thing I would change in the article, is she does not mention blocking the swatch, and insists that you don’t stretch the swatch to fit. This is dependent on the designer. Some designers have their gauge swatch listed as blocked dimensions, which means you should wash, dry, and block your swatch the same way you plan to care for the final item. (With that being said, you don’t want to stretch your swatch a lot to make it meet gauge as that means your final piece will need severe blocking to fit as you want)


I’m putting this in general as I’d like for people to add tips and tricks for Crochet, knit, or Tunisian…

I’ve seen many question (here and elsewhere) about gauge lately and thought we could share our tips and tricks on one combined space

I’ll add a few as replies… Please share yours!


Fixing crochet height gauge when your width is spot on, but your height is off, try one of these

link info

Linked words is same as embedded video for those that want to go to YouTube


@leaders can we add this to Gauge tips and tricks Please?

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