Get to know me (and you :]) ✨️

Hello everyone! I kinda just came to the realization that I went straight into the community without formally introducing myself.
So, hello, my name is Ari, but I’m known around the internet (well at least here on Ribblr and previously Pinterest [that’s a whole other story]) as Fluffy Yarn Creations. My favorite yarn craft is crochet, though I do pretty much all the other ones as well. I enjoy video games, digital art (I drew my pfp last night), traditional art, jewelry-making, being around all my pets, coding, and, of course, fiber arts. I’m on Ribblr to find cute crochet and knitting patterns and talk about crochet because I only know one person in real life who does crochet. So far, I’ve been using Ribblr for about a month (ignore what my profile says, I never actually used my account until about a month ago) and I’ve really enjoyed my experience. Everyone on here seems super kind and helpful.
I’ve decided that I’m going to put all of my crochet patterns up in my shop for free, though it may be a while until you see any of them because I have to crochet most of them again. (Usually I give away most of the stuff I crochet.)
Now for a little get to know you: Dog or Cat? And which breed? Me personally its hard to choose. I want an Australian Shepherd, but I also want one of those big cats that are like the same size as dogs. (I’m blanking on the name but I’ll edit the post if I figure it out)
If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, and have a great day :sparkles:


Apparently you can make polls, so here it is :smiley:

  • Dog :dog2:
  • Cat :cat2:
  • Other :sparkles:
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You should still reply the breed though if you feel like it :sparkles: