Getting out of a crochet funk.

I feel like everything small I make is getting a bit boring or uninteresting.
But when I pick up a big project like a shawl I get discouraged or frustrated on how long it takes

Any advice? Or ideas on what to do?


Choose something smaller, quick and fun with a different texture of yarn. You may have to walk away from the shawl for a day or two.


why not you make a bigger amigurumi!!! i like watching @CrochetByGenna on youtube she makes more bigger amigurumi ps her stuff is so cute!!! also a way i keep myself entertained while crocheting is watching something or listening to music it helps me espically because i have ADHD


I found creating pattern to help. It gives you a goal to work towards and it really motivated me to start crocheting again. Also making something that isnt too complicated but looks cute. This could help you fond your love for crochet again. Hope this helps :))


Perhaps a blanket or shawl made in sections and then just tell yourself its not a huge project - just one granny that you are making for… a hotpad… a pillow… a pram cover… a babyblanket and voila… a blanket!


Maybe try watching TV while you work on a bigger project? That way your focus is on what you’re watching instead of on the crochet project, and you won’t notice as much how long it takes to finish it.