Gifting yarn

I love the fact that we can now buy yarn from Joann’s through Ribblr. (Yes, I did :slight_smile: ) My new idea is that now I wish we could buy someone some yarn. Granted it would have to be in the US so far. But what if I paid for the yarn and had it shipped to another ribblr? Think it could be possible. Maybe someday.


Oo that would be so cool! I love this idea!


Oooo i love this idea!! Id love to be gifted yarn or give someone else some! But i wouldnt want to give my personal address and such.


I love how this sounds! It could be cool to gift yarns and do a supply swap for the holidays or something like a pen pal but a package pal. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I always love the idea of these sorts of things but never get replies or letters/gift/art/books from the exchange back. Lol! I always spend such a long time carefully making packages for the exchange friend and I guess they are too intimidated to send anything back. :joy::melting_face::skull_and_crossbones: It’s both hilarious and sad! :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::heartpulse:


That is sad. :frowning: But realistic also.


This sounds interesting! I wonder how it would work, perhaps you could buy the gift card and you send the code to the Ribblr user or it could automatically be sent if you view it in their “wishlist” Either way this sounds pretty neat and pretty interested if this could be implemented and how :smile:


Both are good ideas.


Thanks for your suggestion!
Right now you can gift yarn and just enter their name and address on checkout.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on your input here in this post


I think shipping through here would enable us to ship without knowing their address. I don’t think I would want everyone giving them out.


Very good idea!!
It would also be nice if you could buy yarn and that it would be send to, lets say Belgium for example. If that wouldn’t be to expensive that is.
It sure would be a huge help for me, cause here we don’t have that chunky yarn or chenille or whatever as I would like. Or the description is so different that I can’t find the correct yarn I need.
And I love all these patterns more than the ones from here, especially the no- / low - sew ones.

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