Granny square pillow:Help

So i’m making a granny square pillow with 16 squares on the front, and i’m wondering how i shild connect them? i know there are stitches to do so but this is my first pillow, so i’m looking for smth quick and easy. it also doesn’t have to be seamless. it’s a christmas present and christmas eve is tomorrow so whatever is quickest i need. thanks.


I would just single crochet them together

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Single crochet/slip stitches would work. Alternatively just sew them together. (:

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slip stich them together or blanket stitch (really easy once you get the hang of it, and the seams look really pretty :star_struck:.(

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I’ve seen a lot of people on social media single crochet or slip stitch the granny squares to give it a nice clean look : )

thanks all!

If you can use safety pins to hold the two sides together it will go faster

So, i do a front loop whip stutch, you thake your sewing needle, inset into the front loop closest to you in the first st, then insert it into the back loop of the granny square infront of u