grid patterns?

can anyone give me some pointers on grid patterns? I want to make a small wall hanging for my room but i’m not really sure how they work. when you purchase the pattern do you only get a pixelated image? how do you make the stitches the right size? thanks guys!


It depends on the designer, some only give a chart/grid, sometimes they also have the written instructions, they tell you how many stitches to make, to get the right size depends on your tension/gauge, the hook you’re using, the yarn, the stitches and if you YO or YU

If there’s color changes there’s a chance it can also effect the size as sometimes it can cause tighter or looser tension. Really I think just making a small grid/size to test it out and see how your own things effects it will help to compare how a bigger wall tapestry might come out, good luck :smile:


Any grid can be done in either single crochets or pairs of double crochets.

You start reading the graph in the bottom right corner. After the foundation chain, read the first row from right to left crocheting with the appropriate color, based on the graph. The second row is read from left to right. After that, all odd rows are read from right to left and even rows are left to right.

You can either carry the colors you aren’t using inside the current sc OR you can float them on the backside of the project. Both have benefits and drawbacks. You can search YouTube for examples of this.

The internet is full of helpful information on this topic. Everything I just shared with you, I learned this year from the internet and from testing wall hangings for designers here on Ribblr.

One huge word of encouragement, don’t get frustrated when you first start. I can almost guarantee that your first project won’t be as good as you wish it could be. There is a learning curve to it. But you can do it.

With that said, I agree with @ArtsAndNaps … Try a small project first. Do your learning on something little. Once you’re comfortable, then try something bigger.

Last thought, many designers take requests. Once you know what design you want for your room, find a designer who makes good graphs and ask if they’d be willing to customize something for you.

Best of luck to you!