Guide: where to find inspiration

Hi Ribblr! I’ve been noticing lately the immense need for inspiration seemingly ever growing in our community, so I decided to write for you all a little guide on how to gain inspiration for what pattern to make, what to create, etc. :purple_heart: hopefully this is helpful to all! I’ve done creative writing and I got lots of tips that way. Feel free to add more ideas in the comments!

  1. Look around you.

Get inspired by your surroundings. Go on an adventure and notice the things around. Look at the objects you see everyday. A few tips that might help you:

  • Go on a walk with a camera/phone/notepad and take notes of things you find intriguing
  • Take note of the animals you see outside
  • Look in those drawers/cabinets you never open, you might get a silly/unusual idea in those unused things! Maybe an old plushie will inspire you. Or maybe a cool print on an old piece of fabric will give you ideas.
  • Look at your family and friends. Maybe create a doll that looks like them (with their permission, of course)
  • Think of the cartoons you watch, your favorite shows/movies/books. Of course be sure not to sell characters that are copyrighted or to use them to promote your work, but you can always freehand things for fun :purple_heart:
  1. Add a bit of spice with a fun game

Write words on pieces of paper. Could be a plant, a name, a character, an animal, etc. Also write colors, actions, accessories. Fold them all and put them in bags, you can even do categories and draw 1 paper from each bag.

Ex. You draw the words “squirrel, purple, dancing” so you could combine those and make a silly plushie of a purple dancing squirrel. It could wear a tutu or something like that.

  1. Recycle old ideas you had but no longer love.
  • Create a variation of your pattern. Ex. The purple dancing squirrel could be a chef now and it could be blue. You could even make a series of silly squirrels.

  • Remake one of your old patterns. Make it better now that you have learned new techniques!

  1. Watch videos, look at photos of people’s work and look through crochet/knitting magazines.

See what catches your attention, develop your style and prefered themes etc. by thinking of what makes you the most happy to look at. But be careful: do not copy another designer’s idea. You can always be inspired, but make it yours. Don’t make a purple dancing squirrel if someone made a purple dancing squirrel. You could make a tap dancing beaver tho. But make sure the style is different.

  1. Look at color palettes. Those images are designed to help you recognize which colors are the most important in an image and will go well together. You could then make a blanket or a wearable with those colors. Sometimes, fun images might give you ideas for a pattern even beyond the colors.

Example of a color palette:

  1. Make a random monster :slight_smile:

Make a first shape firm: a sphere, a cone, a cube, well, anything really. Put eyes on it. Make a bunch of arms and legs, might want to make different sizes too. Attach them wherever. Use random colors. Use scraps, even! That might be fun!

  1. Make a drawing come to life.

You have some of your old childhood drawings, or you have children of your own who draw? Make those creations come to life! It could be a lot of fun, and it could even become a very original pattern.

Hope this helps! Feel free to give more ideas below, and happy designing :smiley:


Thank you so much for creating this! Just reading this gave me inspiration/motivation that I didn’t even need at the moment! Definitely bookmarking this and sharing it when someone needs some help :smile: and I’ll probably add to this post whenever I can think of something :laughing:


tysm for creating this! this will be so helpful in the future!


Ooo thanks I’m glad it was helpful :purple_heart: in creative writing class we did so many of these fun exercises and I thought surely that can be applied to crochet and other crafts!


Glad you liked it :purple_heart:


I see ComplicatedKnots and SkeinSpider on youtube do a bunch of random stuff, like number six make a random monster. ComplicatedKnots did a video on her channel with her discord where you can go fins the random pattern pieces and make them and create something new and unique. She even has a bunch of her patterns on her channel, like a roly poly, a hermit crab, and a bearded dragon! Skein spider also has a variety of things like the make a random monster, crochet bingo, crochet hacks, and a lot of different things. So maybe even go check out their channels.


That sounds really cool!


Thanks for making this it’s going to be so helpful!!


Thats where I get some inspiration! It could help others too! :blush::two_hearts:


Thank you for all of these ideas! I especially like the last one about creating a little monster, sounds like a lot a fun :blush:


Amazing tips. I love that you gave a variety of ways to be inspired. Not everything works for everyone but with a variety to try there will be something for everyone.
I always mean to look at colour pallets but forget, hopefully this gives me the kick in the butt I need.

I would add, you can use online generators to help too. Like random name generators, animal generators, colour generators etc to do your game idea quickly when you’re anywhere you have internet access.

I love thatyou can make mosters or even aliens etc and just do whatever you like because its your monster/alien.

Thank you for sharing. It can be easy to forget that inspiration is all around us if we take a step back and look at everything available :green_heart:


The generators are an awesome idea thanks :heart: they are indeed a great ressources (that’s how I found my chosen name :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: )

Something our creative writing teacher had us do was she sent us walking in the street for half an hour with our notebooks and just write whatever comes to mind as we were walking. No matter what it is. It was a great exercise. Although a little bit dangerous when you get easily distracted like me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you so much :heart:


@Winternightmare That sounds like fun! I love writing it’s so cool to create your own story that someone can read; it brings me so much joy!! Next time bring be to your creative writing class! :writing_hand::joy:


That class was 6 years ago, I don’t think they’d welcome me back :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but it was so much fun

Enjoy writing :purple_heart: it’s the best thing ever


I would add, be yourself.

Don’t copy anyone’s work. Don’t do just a variation of what is already out there.

Do something unique that others are not doing.


It also helps, to find your own style. Maybe take some risks, learn new techniques etc. Often the most original patterns tend to sell better :purple_heart:


Lol, you walk in “Hey guys!” :smiley:
All the kids be like “Uhm who is she??”:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You: :melting_face::woozy_face:


Omg I love that! :sparkling_heart:

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They’re all young adults, it’s a college class, but those days are far behind now :sweat_smile:

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I was last in community college in late 1994. I have three associate degrees