Guys help!

So everyone I am a young (like literal young 13 year old) artist and crocheter and I wanted to earn some money to buy yarn and paint to pursue my interest and I started my insta page (please if you can check it out) It’s my first time on ribler too so I hope we can get along and I hope it friendly. Any how, I needed ideas to upload different things on ribler and insta to gain some friends, please give me some. Eager for your reply also along with idea give me your insta I’d so I tag you after u give me the idea.
Insta: knoty.creations


Hi I’m Sammie! I don’t have instagram but I’d love to get to know you some! I love crocheting and playing soccer. My favorite animal is a penguin and I have crocheted myself an army of 40+ (and I’m still going)! I don’t have instagram but I think that a pelican would be awesome!:yellow_heart:


Oh my thanks and I would love to be friends. And a pelican will be my next project.but right now I am actually making a draw string bag.will share when done.


you could see if your parents would let you sell some of your crochet things. you could also sell baked goods to get money


omg hii! i go by the name daisy and i’m also 13​:sparkles: i’m also trying to get some more money so i can pursue crocheting :] i’d suggest selling your crochet stuff or just doing chores for money


Hi I’m Cloudy! I’m also your age I really want to earn some money too maybe you can like do tutoring or babysitting or sell patterns or plushies!


im almost the same age as you!
you could sell on etsy!

about me
i, im TitanWave(not my real name)
i love to crochet, solve simple math problems, do resin, and help people.
Fav food : food
Fav drink : water, chocolate milk
Fav color : blue, teal, torsuies, green
Fav movie : Pokemon, How to train your Dragon, Trollhunters Rise of the titans
Fav show : Pokemon, Dragons Race to the Edge, Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards
Fav book : Wing of Fire

:sparkles: More About me :sparkles:
:white_heart: I’m a self taught crocheter (I learned from YouTube, and ribblr now)
:white_heart: i play with stray cats around the neighborhood(there’s this orange tabby that loves me and it love it
:white_heart: I love cats and cute animals(foxs, bunnnies,etc.)
:white_heart: my butiful shop: Unique patterns | 123 CrOcHeT | Ribblr

hope you have a good day(or night)

Name: Titan_Wave

My crafts: Crochet, resin, baking

Favorite color(s): blue, teal, torsuies, green

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