Has any one else lost their motivation t make any crafts?

You know where you want to make something like crochet, knit, sew or any other crafts? But… You have no idea what to make, and when you do find an idea to make you just have no motivation to do it at all. That’s me right now, I’ve found so many cute crochet patterns and ideas for patterns to add to my shop. And still have no motivation or I start a project, give up and put it in my WIP’s pile. I know I can’t be the only one.


I feel you, sometimes I fall into a bit of a slump and have to take a break from crocheting​:pensive:The one thing I have found to help me threw the slump is to just step back and put the hook down, and go outside and just breath and sometimes I just read a book, most of the times we experience burn out isn’t caused by the activity we are engaging in but the humans brain need for breaks but hey that’s just my opinion

-I wish you luck and hope you find your spark reignited​:heart:`


I definitely understand that feeling, it’s happened to me too just getting burnt out in whatever craft I’m doing, what I personally do is take a step back and relax and depending on my mood, read, play games, watch my shows/movies, etc basically relax for a bit or however long I need to until I start getting my groove back, I don’t like forcing myself through it as I’ll ultimately see it as a chore rather than something fun that’s entertaining and relaxing I notice this happens if all I focus on is one thing at a given time like if I focus on only crochet for a while and that’s all I do I find myself burnt out faster than if I mix and match different things to do whether it’s crocheting one day and the next I just play my games and relax finding something else just so I don’t get burnt out because it’s happened where I only played games and ended up burnt out on that too lol me personally just making sure I pace myself and do things to add variety in my hobbies on any given day helps a bunch, although I’m not sure how well that would work for you, I hope this funk clears out soon :crossed_fingers::smile:


I made a post about it here. Just a few tips to help regain inspiration and want to craft again :slight_smile:


Sometimes that happens to me too. When it does I usually take the time to organize my yarn or supplies. Sometimes I hand cake rolls that are loose. Just things that will make it easier for me when I’m ready to start again. I hope you find your spark again soon :smiling_face:


I was overworking myself to get patterns out, and the patterns werent popular, so I just took a break to gather new ideas, then I recognized how bad the burnout was…I havent touched a crochet hook in, maybe 3 weeks? Ive just been focusing on dog training instead while I wait for my motivation to rise from the dead


I tend to work in cycles, I’ll focus on crochet, then switch to drawing or reading on my kindle. I only got back into crochet in May after nearly a year, it’s fine, it’s not like yarn expires :joy:


Yes! Mostly my own fault… I worked on a top the whole week for a gift and turned out super nice! But - I burned myself out. Your dopamine levels may be off. Take a break from social media & go for walks. Fresh air & exercise will help you.


Yes yes yes and yes. I have been dealing with crochet burn out for a little over a week now. It’s not like I don’t want to crochet or I don’t like my projects it’s more like I’m not enjoying the crocheting process as much as I did before about a week ago. I really want to crochet but I’m just not having very much fun so I don’t see the point in doing it. Also I’ve been starting projects and not wanting to finish them and I’ve been having a hard time just finding patterns and inspiration.


Try to work out why. Did something happen in your life? A big change that’s seeping into the everything else? Most common reason I see people get burnt on crafts is they feel they’re failing whatever their goals were.

Personally I don’t get burnt with crochet. But crochet isn’t what I do for money it’s what I do for fun, sales are a bonus. But for a job I do art and web design, all digital these days. I still have all my pens, paints and other physical supplies but after making my once hobby a job I burned out so bad I haven’t touched that stuff in more then 10 years. The stress that comes with deadlines and pushing yourself to succeed definitely brings the burn out. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or compare yourself to those you see as “more successful” then you. Going viral only means success if you’re a affiliate/dropshipper. For just about anyone else its just a vanity number. To be monetarily successful takes time if you don’t have connections already. I mean it took me like 2 years before I had enough momentum to live on just my art. If you’re expecting your next thing to magically make you “successful”, whatever that might mean to you, and then time and time again it doesn’t happen you’re gonna get burnt out because it’s unrealistic.

And the advice every artist hears and seldom follows - try not to make your hobby your job. It may ruin your hobby for you forever.