Has anybody else experienced this?

So I recently got some new yarn from a friend and I was winding the skins of yarn into cakes when I got to the end of the second one in the inside of the yarn was a different colored yarn. And it was connected by a factory knot the strange thing is there are two completely different colors the color I was rolling was a mango color. And the color that I found on the inside that was tied by the factory knot was like a gold color. I’m posting about this because I think this is really interesting I have a picture of the factory knot and it looks Factory not I cut the yarn cuz I finished the cake but I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like this.

they are also two different yarn types. The mango colored one is a wool and acrylic blend and the other one is just pure acrylic. I was wondering if anybody else had had this happen to them before or something or is it just a factory mistake. Keep in mind this your arm is like 20 years old they don’t make it anymore I’m pretty sure.


It’s prolly just bc they used a different material so it absorbed the dye differently, it could also be just bc the color isn’t the exact same. Hope this helps!


And since your friend gave it to you then they prolly gave you an older version! Yes I have experienced this!