Have a sip & a wip with me!

(TL:DR at the bottom)

There are lots of theories and practices on how to charge people. I want to tell you about mine. To explain, you’ll need to get to know me a little better.

Hi! I’m Pawbu.

I am lazy. Well, I just like making cool things, but sometimes I can’t find just the right pattern, or I want the convenience of Ribblr’s format. Enter: my Ribblr shop. If I can’t find a pattern that hits the spot, or can’t find a pattern for something I want to make at all, I make one myself!

I have a big kid job, and I’m not looking for a side hustle. Especially not with crochet. Crochet is an art and a hobby for me. No, I don’t want my creations to turn some huge profit. I don’t want the stress and pressure that running some kind of online boutique entails.

I want a home for my creations. I want a place to put my art into the world where it can live and breathe and bring joy to others like me. Others that want juuust the right shape or idea or thing.

So, what do you charge for that? What can I ask of you, dear crafter, to offer in return for a satisfying trade off? That’s when it hit me.

Buy me a drink! If I met you at a craft show, or we became friends, and you wanted me to teach you to make something, I’d likely meet up with you at Starbucks with my crochet tools in tow. We’d laugh at our eccentric behavior and you’d buy me my favorite drink while we stitched and giggled.

Have a sip with me, Ribblr, while we start a Work In Progress.

For the curious:
*My favorite Starbucks drink is a grande iced chai tea latte with oatmilk and cold foam. This costs $7 in my town. Add the 6.9% taken by Ribblr and Stripe, and the $0.30 more Stripe takes, then do a bunch of math, and you’ll get the cosT of my patterns.

I charge the price of my favorite Starbucks drink for my patterns.


This a pretty interesting way of charging for a pattern! I’ll have to consider this if I ever get around to selling some patterns, thanks for the insight :smile: