Having a hard time finding markets/craft shows

Hello everyone!! I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to find markets/craft shows in your community. I have never done one before and I’m not sure where to start on looking for one.

I live in the Denver area so if anyone has any market/craft show recommendations that you know of in the area of Denver please let me know!!!


I have the exact same problem as you​:confused:Except I cannot find one in my community;-;


I’d join Facebook groups for vendor events in your area. That’s what I did for my area in Oh and it works wonderfully. I also use festivalnet to start searches.


I haven’t been to that area since covid but have been to lots of events there before that.

What’s your budget for a table?

  • That area can be very expensive I’ve seen up to 600$ for a weekend table. So that can limit your options.

What kind of things do you want to sell?

  • cloths/accessories/amigurumi
  • general designs/fandom things/holiday items

Lots of events also pop up in Colorado Springs if you’re willing to drive an hour. But events in Boulder are super hit and miss.


Don’t forget farmers markets, church rummage sales, town festivals, and County fairs and you can look here


Ok I’ll definitely do that!


Umm… I’m not quite sure what a normal budget for a table would be but probably my budget would be around however much the most reasonable priced table would be. Since it will be my first market I don’t want to waste a ton of money if I don’t think I want to do markets in the future. I do plan on selling amigurumi. I do not mind driving to Colorado Springs so thanks for that recommendation.


Ooh that’s a great idea I’ll look into those!


That website is your states official board of tourism
Every state has one and it will tell you every recurring festival and market in your state


I’ll definitely check it out!


Hm my average table cost at an event in that area was 150$ but except for one I always made table money so I didn’t worry too much about it. Just make sure you aim your offerings at the markets audience. I was once next to a girl that was selling only hats she sewn from minky and felt materials for 80+$ each and she made table money in 2 sales so people in Colorado definitely go to events to spend.

The one I don’t think anyone made their table money at was StarFest I don’t know if it’s still running but I wouldn’t suggest it if you see it.

There if you’re not afraid of the snow and can snag a spot there’s a Christkindlmarket in the fall/winter.

The biggest issue (which may have changed since covid) was most events were signing up tables 6mo+ in advance. But there are little flea events in Denver, those can be cheaper to get into but not as specialized so you’re kind of guessing more about what the buyers want.

Like there is in CoSping a big memorial day festival but it’s too late to sign up for that one. (And even if you do get in pray your not next to one of the funnel cake guys…unless you wanna eat a lot of funnel cake.)


I got a old vendor buddy to give me the site I couldn’t remember for conventions. Amigurimi can be very popular if you do pokemon / characters at these:

Looks like a lot dropped off after covid but there’s still a lot in the Devner-CoSprings area. Never heard of that Longmont one though.

Three to note:
Tacticon/Genghis are the same con/people and are a “play” con, not much buyers there because they’re spending all their time playing tabletop/video games. Wouldn’t suggest it.

Nan Desu Kan is crazy popular and has great buyers but very difficult to get a table.

DenFir and other “fur” events can be very profitable but they always want custom stuff, they’ll pay a lot but if you don’t want to offer custom items skip the fur events.