Headphone covers

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Hello! I hope everyones been safe and well :smile: it’s been awhile since I made a topic lol :laughing: Not that long ago I recently discovered that people made crochet covers for their headphones! I thought the idea was so cool and wanted to do one for my headset (has mic attached to it and is wired) I’ve seen many types where they just cover the outside and leave the ear section empty, other where they just cover the ear part and some where they just cover the top.

My current headset has this soft squishy material at the top of the curve for the head but recently it’s been peeling off. Since the way I organize it is by hanging it from that part, so it makes sense, if it doesn’t that’s fine I attached a photo at the end to get a better idea of the whole thing :smile:

I figured making a crochet headset cover would be a good idea to protect it from peeling off more. I’m curious if anyone has every tried this and the results!

I’m wondering what yarn fiber would be good since it’ll be on my hair, so having it be washable would be nice (assuming it can come off, perhaps Velcro?)

If you’ve made one or want to what sort of designs have you done/think are cute? Do you any any tips and tricks for making it and did you freehand it or follow a pattern? If you’ve made and used one are you still using? If no, why

Since I would make it for my headset it has the little microphone piece that’s attached to it, do you think that would matter? My headset is also wired since it connects to my gaming controllers. Would just making a cover for the top (the part that wrap around my head) be a better idea than the whole thing? The purpose was to cover that section as that’s the part that’s peeling off.

I’m mainly curious if anyone has done it with wire and mic and how it worked out

I plan on finishing all my current WIP’s before this so it’ll take some time for me to decide to do this or not, so feel free to offer suggestions at any time! Any tips/suggestions/feedback/etc are much appreciated, feel free to share your own headset’s/headphone covers! (Or any WIP’s I like seeing what everyone’s doing or done :smile:)

Side note: I often wear my headset for a while and often as I play games with friends/family/listen to music on consoles, don’t know if that’ll be an important factor, also I wear glasses :nerd_face: often times my ears end up hurting due to this (both the long periods and glasses) do think crocheting over the ear part would help? Also no worries for my hearing I have the volume low and don’t use headsets/earbuds/etc often :grinning:

Thanks for reading! Stay safe out there :blush:


I think it would be a good idea to fo the whole headset and maybe the cord(I’ve seen charger cord covers so maybe like that) a cute decor option could be flowers and the cord has leaves like a stem.
This is just my opinion tho and i have never made one either because I use earbuds.


Ooo I love that idea! The leaves and flowers would look really cute! :rose:


Maybe bears on the ear part?


That’s also a nice idea! :bear: It sounds adorable :grin:


That’s interesting, it’s my first time hearing about that!


I think a nice yarn would be Offbeat by Universal Yarn. I have some and it’s so soft. A blend of acrylic and alpaca. (Drool) .

It’s a #2 weight which I think is good. Want the stitches closer together without feeling stiff.

Maybe a moss stitch?


Yeah I was surprised! I was on a YouTube video for crochet gift ideas and that popped up and I was intrigued!


The yarn looks so pretty! I love how much yards it has as well :laughing: